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HalSys IT Solutions Software Training Program
If you want to become a good programmer, you need to know certain basics apart from programming languages like Visual Studio.Net, PHP, Java, etc.
The basic things every programmer should know are:
  1. 1. HTML - Hyper Text Mark-up Language.
  2. 2. CSS - Cascading Style Sheet.
  3. 3. Java Script.
  4. 4. SQL Server/ MySQL.
  5. 5. JQuery.
  6. 6. Basic Testing.
After learning the above, you need to choose programming Languages Visual Studio.Net, PHP, Java, etc.
If you know HTML and CSS, you can become a good Web Designer.
If you know HTML, CSS and Java Script/JQuery, you can become a very good Web Designer.
If you know Java Script/ JQuery, it will be helpful to do effective programming, in main programming languages Like Visual Studio.net, PHP, or Java.
If you know SQL Server/MySQL you can become a Database Administrator/ Database Architect and a better Programmer, Tester.
If you know Basic Testing you can become a better programmer, you can find bugs of your own development modules that makes you better than others.
Our training program schedule
SNo Microsoft.net SNo PHP
1 15 days HTML. 1 15 days HTML.
2 15 days CSS. 2 15 days CSS.
3 30 days Java Script. 3 30 days Java Script.
4 30 days SQL Server. 4 35 days MySQL.
5 15 days C#. 5 45 days PHP.
6 5 days ADO.NET. 6 30 days JQuery.
7 30 days Asp.Net. 7 10 days Testing.
8 15 days VB.Net.
9 15 days JQuery.
10 10 days Testing.

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